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20-Oct-2014.By: Yinka Amoo (Chairman, HSE Committee)


Today, we hardly have time for anything except work! And in some cases the work itself is not giving us the happiness, fulfillment, inner peace and good health we desired from working. Yes, we are the Boss but our work is the Master. Work should be enjoyed, not endured.

Everything that exists is created for a purpose in time; the evening (cool and refreshing) for relaxation and enjoyment with friends and relations, the night (dark and cool) for sleep and re-invigoration, the day (bright and fresh) for work and movement, food and drink for energy and good health, etc.  These are natural order of creation. Anytime we interfere with them or violate them we cannot be at EASE.

And anytime we are not at Ease we will be in STRESS.

STRESS may be described as a state of consistent and overbearing pressure on or worry by an individual. Stress-causing conditions are varied and complex. The outcome of Stress can affect the physical, mental, psychological and social states of one’s body system, and can culminate in acute and or chronic health conditions.

While some measure of stress is acceptable as a propeller for success or achieving competitive edge, it is pertinent that one should gauge his pressure- bearing capability and tolerance threshold. Many take pride in being called “workaholic” until they work themselves to a breakdown or an early grave!

Stress can result from one or more of the following:

  1. Pressure of TIME - Many people are stressed to meet deadlines. It is what has to be accomplished within a fixed period that can make you stressful.
  2. Pressure of MONEY- The businessman who has to keep up his regular re-payment at the bank, the salesman who must meet a given target every month, the worker who must meet his monthly financial commitments, etc. can all be under pressure of money.
  3. Pressure from Fear of FAILURE- It is natural for everybody to want to succeed. The desire to succeed can be very compelling. The possibility of failure can lead many persons to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Some Executives have been driven to suicide because of extreme frustration.
  4. Pressure of RESPONSIBILITY- This can arise from a high degree of responsibility especially where one has to control a large number of subordinates or supervise transactions involving large sum of money or having responsibility for providing high- level security for high net worth individuals.
  5. SELF-INFLICTED pressure- A person who sets unrealistic standards for himself in a bid to achieve certain social, economic, intellectual and performance goals has himself to blame!
  6. ENVIRONMENTAL Pressure- Inadequate power supply, poor telecommunication,  insecurity, inconsistent and unsustainable economic policies, industrial actions,  etc. affect all businesses and individuals to stressful level and sometimes to a standstill.


  8. Some key strategies for minimizing the effects of Stress are:
  1. Try to identify what is causing your stress. Talk about your problems with friends and family and people who are involved with them.
  2. Use “5P’s of PEACE” – Plan, Prioritize, Pace, Play and Pray for support and anchor
  3. Take care of your health. It is not negotiable; it is your only asset. Balance work with rest and relaxation.
  4. Delegate work and share responsibilities; don’t over task yourself.
  5. Avoid the company of stressful and stress-prone people, where possible.
  6. Say “No” to unnecessary engagements and invitations; you cannot possibly be everywhere at the same time.
  7. Find interesting things to do when you are stressed, eg listening to music, playing games, reading, swimming, leisure walk, dance, singing, etc.
  8. Pay attention to what you eat and drink; take plenty of fluids, especially water and eat more fruits and vegetables regularly. Avoid large amount of caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or other stimulants.
  9. Avoid making big changes or taking major steps at a time; take one thing at a time.
  10. Get sufficient sleep every night, so that you don’t wake up feeling tired.

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