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A Great Mum Makes a Twinkling Little Star of her Child (…Like a Diamond in the Sky)!



‘Twinkle twinkle little star…like a diamond in the sky.’ Very popular nursery rhyme back in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. So fascinating it was that as kids, we would create a mental picture of the stars as they shine brightly in the sky; and then there is this one little star that shines brighter than the rest. Though described as little, but its brightness is so glowing that it is being compared to a diamond in the sky.

Teachers use this ‘Little Star’ appellation to describe the brightest in the class. They will write a letter or send a message to the parents of the child informing them of their child’s outstanding academic performance, the same way they also send an alarming letter to the parents of the incurably dull ones.

How proud the parents of the brilliant ‘Little Star’ would be; so proud they will make a quick dash to school the next day just for recognition. “I am the mother of the Brilliant child”, unspoken though, but proudly demonstrated in every manner of body language and gesture. The mother will by all means be present at the next PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meeting and will contribute boisterously after being introduced as the mother of the brightest pupil.

Who doesn’t want to be celebrated in such manner? Which mother or father would not love her child to be the little star that shines like a diamond in the sky? That is the unflinching desire of very parent. The amount of money spent and efforts made to enroll kids in the best school around, the several nights of special prayers, the extra school lessons, follow-up sessions, e.t.c. are all indications buttressing this fact.

Some children are born naturally brilliant, others have to be nurtured through several deliberate processes and hard work in order to improve their mental capacity. Even the naturally brilliant ones still have to be nurtured. Here are some of the ways you can build your child’s mental capacity and cognitive functioning in order to make him or her that little star that shines like a diamond in the sky;

Make it a point of duty, or if possible, develop a habit of positive dialogue with your child. You have a strong mental connection with your child depending on what kind of dialogue you have with them. Positive and encouraging dialogues inspire positive thinking and enhance intellectual performance in your kids, and so vis-varsa.

Perform mental exercise with your child by playing games that stimulate their mind and make them think deeper and wider. This will build their focus, concentration, reasoning and perception. Games like Chess, Scrabble, Mathematics Puzzle, Crosswords Puzzle etc. are good for this.

Read with your children. Make them read to you while you listen and in turn, read to them while they listen and ask questions. This helps you bond with your children and also build their self-confidence and intellectual potentials. You can also create a stimulating environment around you home, such that will be learning and studying more friendly and pleasant.

Now for all of these to work better for your children, their brains and bodies have to be deliberately prepared to make the best of your efforts. How do you achieve this? Simply by the level of nourishment of your child’s brain and body. This brings to fore the importance of the quality of food they eat. Quality is not necessarily how expensive you get their food, rather it is about how well packed with essential nutrients that aids physical and mental growth. Make efforts to feed your kids regularly with foods that provide lots of vitamins and minerals. Better nourished children function better at the cognitive level.

Unfortunately these days, especially for those of us living in the cities, getting foods that are well packed with all the essential nutrients is quite difficult as we are more exposed to canned or processed foods. It becomes imperative to help the child achieve this nutritional balance with the regular use of a very good multivitamin and mineral supplement likeAstymin.

Your children may not have enjoyed the nutritional balance that provides all the needed vitamins and minerals in the food you give them daily, the good news is thatAstyminhelps to make up for this imbalance by providing all of these essentials micro-nutrients and even more, for healthy growth, and mental alertness.

Astyminis a nutritional supplement specially formulated for adults and children, it is prepared with amino acids which help synthesizes protein for the body, helping us balance up our dietary imbalances and general wellness of our mental state and body.

Show your children more love and make them shine in school and among peers like a diamond in the sky.Astyminchildren are smarter than their peers in school, classroom, playground and sports activities because, they are mentally alert and happy to solve problems of mathematics, class works, verbal reasoning, sciences and puzzles.

Your kids are also physically healthier and stronger, and are able to, play football, swim, fight taekwondo, play musical instruments etc. They possess strong bones, strong healthy gums and teeth, fresh and glowing skin texture, hair growth, brighter vision and stamina because they take their Astyminin the morning before the school bus arrives and before bed time.

WithAstyminprincipally in the mix, a great mum makes a little shining star out of her child. TheAstyminchild, in turn, shines brighter than peers, like a diamond in the sky!








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