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If You Must Score and Win, There Must Be A Goal Pole

12-Mar-2016.By: Contributor


When Lionel Messi scored the free-kick against Sevilla in Barcelona’s last La-Liga match, the opponents, while watching the ball curled into the back of the net, would have wished that they could move the goal pole from its position to prevent the ball from flying in. Their worry was not the power in the shot, but the fact that the ball was rightly targeted to the direction of the top right corner of the goal pole. If only they could move the position of the goal pole with the ball in flight, there will be no goal scored.

Have you ever imagined a football match without a goal pole? Think about players like Messi and Ronaldo with all of the skills and hard work put into every game; think about all the great play, passes, ‘tiki-taka’, forwards play and tactical formation without a net to eventually put the ball behind. What futility?! There will be no scoring a goal, no victory, no excitement, no trophy, no ‘ballon d’or’, and no sense of fulfillment. They will just be running aimlessly around the ball like headless chickens. After 90 minutes of profuse sweating and exhaustion, there will be absolutely nothing achieved.

That is what happens when you make so much effort in life without setting specific goals. Goal-setting is very crucial in making positive accomplishment in life. Your set goal is like the goal post in a football match; your every effort to achieve the set goal is like the game being played in a bid to score. Without a goal, efforts can be fruitless and frustrating.

The mantra used to be work hard to succeed”, it is now “work hard and smart to succeed”. Meanwhile, working smart is not about achieving a feat through illicit or crook means. It is about setting SMART goals and working purposefully to achieve them. When a goal is SMART there is a specific objective that is measurable and actionable to achieve certain result within a specific time.

Setting a goal for every area of your life help you have a sense of purpose. You know what you have to do and why you have to do it. You don’t just swirl around aimlessly. That way you are able to maintain focus on what you want to achieve. Anything that doesn’t add to achieving the set goal becomes unnecessary.

Setting a goal helps us to create a realizable future and have a sense of control over that desired future. Seeing yourself every inch closer to your goal removes every sense of uncertainty and confusion that often leads to frustration. Hence, you are encouraged with every progress made and your mind is more settled.

It also helps you to get faster and measurable results. This is good for periodic evaluation of what works and what doesn’t. You are able to focus on what is important and not get overwhelmed with trying to do too many at the same time. It also helps you to manage your time properly as you get your priorities right.

Setting a goal also helps you to manage stress and live a productive life. This also impacts positively on your health and wellbeing. It helps you to build more positive attitude, self-esteem, self-fulfillment and satisfaction. You are happy with every progress made, you are motivated and mentally settled. Your body also responds positively to your mental stability. You feel healthier, livelier even more energetic.

So, if you are thinking of starting to set meaningful goals for your life, how about setting a goal for your health. You can decide to set specific goals for losing weight and gaining more energy. Go ahead and set three-month goals. Say for instance you want to lose 25 pounds of weight by the end of June (From March). Write them down in details and use the SMART model to articulate them. Break them down to weekly achievable feats (like losing 2-3 pounds each week). Write down what you need to focus on daily in order to achieve your goal, like your diet, rests, exercise, physical activities, recreation etc. Create your time-table and track sheets and then mark every progress made. Let’s see how many goals you are able to score at the end of three months.

Best of luck!

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