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Scaling Barriers this New Year

13-Jan-2015.By: ENIFOME Emmanuel


The much talked-about and highly anticipated 2015 is finally here. How did you begin your year? I began mine with a look at the mirror. I told myself “I am strong, I am an achiever, I will cut through edges this year, I will spend less and save more, I will improve my work skills, I will defeat stage fright”. That is usually how the New Year begins for me; with a lot of resolutions, and I am sure for many other people too. But the point here is, how many of us will really push and scale through barriers to accomplish set goals this year?

People hardly accomplish their set goals or resolution for the year. Data collected on the 1st of January, 2014 by the journal of clinical psychology at the University of Scranton showed that only 8% of people will successfully achieve their resolutions, which means only a few people will actually be dedicated towards attaining their aims.

Are you one of these 8% that will achieve their resolution or will you be one of the many 92% who will give one excuse or the other for failing? What are your resolutions and what keeps holding you back?

Whether your resolutions are as big as owning a Lamborghini Aventador, losing weight and making a positive difference in the lives of people or as little as remembering to make your bed every morning, the most important first simple step, is to recognize that there is a problem you want to break free from. You then must seriously crave to change, with determination to get to the finish line, then you take that giant step towards it.

Give for instance you are trying to shed weight or cut off unhealthy eating habit that makes you add extra pound, you have to understand what triggers you into making those negative habits. Do you usually stock your refrigerator with junks, which always put them within your reach? Try filling up your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables.

Do you usually visit places that encourage smoking or you always take cigarette breaks at your workplace? You can gradually change it into tea breaks or spend time getting to know people at your workplace. You can visit places that won’t give you access to getting a cigarette, like a non-smoking bar, seminars or visiting historical places to keep your mind occupied. You can also start by committing yourself to visiting the gym, if your resolutions is to shed weight this year, you can start with baby steps.

Every journey begins with a step, every great story book begins with a word, and the journey to a healthy diet and lifestyle begins with one right healthy meal. Another practice that can encourage you to improve is to keep records on your improvement processes in a journal, take note of the reasons why you defected on your resolutions, how many times you made progress, the positive response you receive as a result of your hard work. This will keep you gingered up and ready to move to the next level, you can also go on the internet, and read stories of other people who may have your kind of struggle and how they have scaled through to keep you inspired.

Life will always be filled with obstacles and barriers, how we deal with them and break through, is what determines if we will win. Most importantly, never give up on those things you want to define your personality with. The New Year is new because it's giving you the chance for a rebirth, for new fresh start.

So what’s stopping you from taking that leap of faith? What is stopping you from scaling those barriers? Really, nothing should! You wouldn’t want to make the same resolutions over again in 2016, would you?

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