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THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES: Take a step, and it’s no more a thousand miles!

07-Apr-2014.By: Jumoke Akinlabi


Amodu and Balla decided to take a short break after working on their father’s farm for four hours, tilling the soil and clearing the weeds. The two boys had grown so strong and hard working that their father had promised to give them a small portion of land each, so that they can begin to start farming, in preparation for adulthood. 

As they sat on a piece of rock to catch their breath, they envisaged their father’s promise to them and each discussed his plans for the small piece of land. Amodu, the older, wanted a large potato farm and felt the piece of land was too small for his plans while Bella also thought of a huge rice plantation but decided to start little, with the small piece of land.
A few months later, their father died. But before his death, they both got their piece of land, and while Amodu was dreaming and drawing up plans for his large potato farm, Balla had collected some rice grains and started planting. Three years had gone by and Amadu had gotten a very good plan on how to start his huge Potato farm, but still have not started because he was waiting to have a large piece of land, meanwhile Balla’s rice farm had grown so large that he had started exporting his rice produce and making huge returns from the investment. 

Twenty years after their father had died, Balla’s rice farm was the biggest in the entire community and one of the biggest local supplier and exporter of rice in town, while Amodu had the best Potato Plantation dream anyone in that town can think of. Yes, it remained a just a dream even after twenty years, with no step to actualise it. 
It was Lao Tzu, the Chinese Philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC) who said “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”.  No matter how far your dream land looks, start the journey by taking your first step. Even the longest journey must begin from where you stand and as long as you don’t take that first step, you will never know how the rest of the journey will be like, hence the saying “if you never try, you will never know”.
Don't get it wrong, It is great to have a big dream, but to make your dreams come true you have to start walking in that direction. You have to take action. You have to take the first step, and then the second, the third, and every step that you make separates you from where you are and move you closer to your goal. 
No one was born successful. British author, Owen Feltham wrote that the greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may for the most part be summed in these two: commonsense and perseverance. Many great men that we admire today started from somewhere and worked hard to get to where they are now, which means everyone is destined to be successful, provided you tow the right lane, not only by hard work but also by determination, perseverance and focus. It all starts with catching a vision, writing it down, keep a clear vision to demonstrate your conviction, channel of efforts and energy towards achieving it and watch yourself move closer to your vision every day.
Some years ago, a young man started a journey that took off as a small local distributor of pharmaceutical products, but today he owns one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria; a company that redefined the business of providing healthcare solutions in Nigeria. According to Dr Fidelis Ayebae, Fidson started like the proverbial mustard seed and today, the company is known everywhere, with staff strength of over 500 workers, a magnificent corporate head office in the heart of Lagos, two fully operational ultra-modern factories and a WHO GMP compliant bio-tech plant near completion.
Several years ago, young Jonathan Goodluck walked to school every day without shoes on, without a bag and without money to eat and he still managed to study with lanterns yet, he never despaired. In spite of all these, he finished secondary school education, attended the university and today; love it or hate it, he is who he is, the president of the most populous black nation. If he could make it, every other person can make it as well.
Who will ever believe that the then Sam Adeyemi who started a ministry very rough, who couldn’t even pay for his radio advert and his rent fees then, has now become a dynamic Pastor, Teacher and Motivational speaker and host of the popular programme- SUCCESS POWER – which airs on radio and television stations within and outside Nigeria. He has authored several books, including the best selling- Parable of Dollars and Success is Who You Are, Ideas Rule the World, Start with What You Have and lots more, and his church Daystar Christian Centre, hosts about 5,000 Christian worshippers every week.
Anyone that is presently being made to feel inferior should take solace in these stories and know that; no condition is permanent and that things can only change for the better so far you are not lazy. It is always better to be prepared and not to get an opportunity than to get an opportunity and not be prepared. Set goals that will help you work towards your vision and you are on your way to the top.
Knowledge remains the key to opening unimaginable doors and windows of opportunities. Life isn’t a bed of roses, what you put in is what you get, so put in your best today, and use every opportunity to develop yourself ahead of your dreams. Don’t play now so you can play later, try to be successful and be a person of value to yourself and the world at large, as that brings fulfilment which is ultimate.
Start your journey now. Once you make one step, it is no more a thousand miles!

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