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What Really Makes You Happy At Work?

06-Aug-2014.By: Elsie Solomon


Being happy not only feels good, but it’s good for your health, your relationships, your work and our society. Happy people have more fulfilling lives, experience a deeper sense of connection to others and to nature and they consistently perform at higher levels than those who aren’t happy. Happiness provides us with the fuel to thrive and flourish as human beings.

Happiness is not a life without problems, but rather the strength and right attitude towards overcoming the problems that come our way; that is the true meaning of happiness. There is no such thing as a problem-free life; difficulties are unavoidable. But how we experience and react to our problems depends on us. Even Buddhism teaches that we are each responsible for our own happiness or unhappiness. So in other words no one can make you unhappy except you give them the key to unlock that door to being in an unhappy state.  

The definition and experience of being happy varies to different individuals. Responses from anonymous persons buttressed this further when asked “what makes them happy at work”?

A relationship management expert-lady emphasized that the only thing that makes her happy at work is when her boss acknowledges her input and is being appraised for it; she further mentioned that she makes herself happy at work by creating time out of her busy schedule to have a meaningful and relaxed conversation with her colleges; this cheers her up, helps her to manage her workload stress, keeps her happy throughout the day and helps her generate great inputs.

Another Customer Service Executive said she is always happy at work when she delivers positive results from her daily duties and gets a word of appreciation and encouragement. She further said she is happy whenever she surmounts challenges and when she is being corrected politely after making a mistake, all these add up to make her work place an interesting place and of course inspire her to perform more optimally.

There is a totally different input from a top Industrial Operations Executive, who says the smiles he puts on the faces on his colleges is the source of his happiness at work and that propels him to do more and keeps him going throughout the day. He emphasized that it gives him great joy when other people around him at work make great progress as a result of his assistance. These are the little things that make life meaningful to him, which serves as the true source of his joy.  

Funny enough another Marketing Specialist said it is only the challenge he faces that makes him happy at work; some might say this is an awkward definition of being happy, but the truth is; what makes Mr. B happy might not necessarily be the same thing that makes Mr. C happy. He added that not doing anything at all makes him sad; he is only fulfilled when he is on the move, working out solutions and solving critical marketing issues as the case may be.

Lastly another said she is a very happy and energetic person in nature but asides that, what gives her true happiness at work is the opportunity she gets to render one form of kindness or the other to her colleges.  

Variety of response on what makes one happy at work shows that individuals mind-set differ in all ramification. After all gathered it is observed that what truly makes us happy is what we do for others and not what we actually do for ourselves.  

Today is precious. Once tomorrow comes then today is gone forever. Today is the most precious asset we all own.  We spend more than half of our quality time on planet earth working in our offices or workplaces; whether it’s your business or not. This raises a lot of concern because, since so much time is spent working then it shouldn’t be spent being unhappy, gloomy and dejected. We should make the most of it.  Being happy doesn’t cost a thing, hesitating till later is not worth it either, think about it.

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