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Fidson Campaigns for Better Health Care for Nigerian Children

Concerned about the recent report by United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) on Child Mortality and Malnutrition in Nigeria, Fidson Healthcare Plc is clamoring for better Child health and nutrition, as part of the global campaign against Child mortality.

UNICEF’s recent report stated that every minute one child under the age of 1 dies in Nigeria while 5 women die every hour in childbirth. Many of these deaths are from preventable causes, such as pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea in the case of children, and excessive bleeding and infection in the case of maternal deaths.

UNICEF also revealed that more than half of the children in five northern states in Nigeria suffer severe effects of malnutrition. It also stated that as a result of malnutrition, 58 percent of children under five in these states suffer from stunting, meaning their physical and mental development have been impaired. An estimated 370,000 children with severe acute malnutrition in these states will require life-saving treatment this year. Without such treatment, some 70,000 of those children are likely to die, it reported.

Expressing concern about the worrisome statistics, General Manager Marketing, Fidson Healthcare Plc advocated for the involvement of all stakeholders in addressing the issues of Child health, mortality, and malnutrition in Nigeria.

“There is the need to save the future of this country by paying serious attention to the health and wellbeing of our children as a matter of urgency. We cannot continue to fold our hands and watch our children suffer malnutrition or die of preventable diseases. The government, Organisations, Groups and even individuals at family level must play a role to help save a child”, he noted.

Ijimakin acknowledged the efforts of the Nigerian Federal Government under the aegis of Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health’s Integrated Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (IMNCH) in making frantic efforts at addressing this concern.

“We appreciate the Nigerian government for putting together a programme that is designed to revive primary health care in every local government. This programme is said to cover broadly some significant maternal and child health interventions. We hope that it will drastically reduce maternal, newborn and under-five mortality in line with the 4th and 5th Millennium Development Goals targets. But we cannot leave it to the government alone. We all have to play a part in addressing these problems”, he emphasized.

Ijimakin also recommended that with proper attention and a sustained investment in quality healthcare solutions, as well as timely intervention to the various health issues ravaging the health of the Nigerian Child will save more lives.

The veteran pharmacist described Fidson’s role in proffering quality healthcare solutions to several health problems affecting children in Nigeria. Some of these products include; Astymin, a daily nutritional supplement that contains all eight (8) essential amino acids and multivitamins that boost immunity, improve energy metabolism, accelerate physical and mental health as well as the overall growth of the child. There is also the TUXIL Range of Cough and Cold Preparations for children, which are uniquely formulated to provide very effective relief from Cough, Cold, Fever and other related conditions.

Ijimakin further added that Fidson also plays a major role in educating parents on the healthcare needs of their families, particularly the children through various channels of communication available to the company and through its representatives across the country.

The company also explores global health calendar events to create more enlightenment on children’s health issues, using both direct interactions, press and online media channels. Fidson also celebrates Nigerian children through programmes and events like the annual Astymin Brilliance Rewards (ABR), where excellence is celebrated and rewarded amongst basic school leavers, this has been consistent in the past five years. There is also, the Astymin School Programmes; Tuxil Health Talk in Schools etc. Partnerships also exist with some Non-Profit organizations that focus on Children’s Health and Education. Some of them are Children Emergency Relief Foundation (CERF), Children Developmental Centre (CDC) as well as some Orphanage homes, in line with our strategic CSR focus.




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