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At Fidson, our passion lies in the commitment to positively impacting our society at all levels of interaction. Hence, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all our operations are strategically hinged on the value proposition; to add value to the lives of the people through impact healthcare solutions. And from this, we have coined our corporate slogan – ‘we value life’.

As a socially responsible corporate organization, we place purpose beyond profit. This is demonstrated in our robust corporate governance structure, our approach to carrying out business in a way that preserves the environment, our delivery of capacity-building and social development initiatives, the welfare of our workforce and our advocacy for the inclusivity of proper health. All these are intended to impact our host communities and environments positively.

Culture of Excellence

As an organisation that continues to set standards in the pharmaceutical industry, our passion for excellence holds cogent significance and forms the core of all our operations.

Our passion inspires us to deliver cutting-edge, innovative healthcare solutions, which has compelled us to strive for exceptional performance in everything we do. This culture of excellence is a prevailing attitude that gives our workforce the propensity to impact the company’s growth positively.

We will continually aspire to exemplify these standards in a manner that drives our customers and partners to meet their desired outcomes.


At Fidson, we support each other to greatness, working with one another and for one another. We not only inspire our people to achieve, but we also celebrate their achievements – this is our Employee Value Proposition. The opportunities that emerge from our success come from our unique style.

With family-friendly policies and support systems, Fidson is better defined by staff as “a family before a workplace”. This philosophy threads our operations from top management to every workforce cadre.


Our Human Resources Management processes have earned us numerous awards, including the Pearl Awards for Most Outstanding CEO of the Year and the BusinessDay Top 25 CEO Awards in 2012 and 2014, respectively. 

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