NECA Awards Best Employer in the Pharmaceutical Sector category


Great Place to Work Awards Best Quality of Life in the Large Corporate Organization Category

3rd place winner in the Best Workplace Category


Future Workplace Awards Best Employee Engagement ProgrammeBest Employer in the Pharmaceutical Sector category


CIPM HR Best Practice Awards Best Learning & Development Initiative


CIPM HR Best Practice Awards 1st Runner Up “Others Category”

One Big Family

The way we do things determine the outcomes. 

At Fidson, we support each other to greatness, working
with one another and for one another. We not only inspire our people to
achieve, but we also celebrate their achievements – this is our Employee Value
Proposition. The opportunities that emerge from our success come from our
unique style.

With family-friendly policies and support systems,
Fidson is better defined by staff as “a family before a workplace”.
This philosophy threads our operations from top management to every workforce


Our Perks & Benefits

We recognize the importance of rewarding our employees in a fair and transparent manner, as a way of encouraging performance and motivating our staff.

We increase our staff’s job satisfaction and increase productivity, design reward programs that focus on staff performances which contributes to achieving the company’s goals or objectives.

Our Perks & Benefits

We draw on our employees’ knowledge and ideas to improve our products and services, and be innovative about how we work. We engage our employees on different activities which makes our employees proud, work better, and be more loyal to our organization.

We engage our employees by fully including them as a team members, receiving regular and positive feedback, support in acquiring and developing new skills, and recognizing achievement

Our Perks & Benefits

We understand the significance of our employees having a perfect balance between their work and personal life. We try as much as possible to make our work environment less stressful by creating a free, flexible and fun culture within our work environment.

We understand that employee wellness can help achieve important business objectives. We therefore promote amongst our staff, a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being and ultimately result to optimal productivity