Fidson continued to extend its life-enriching gesture to special children with Autism and Down Syndrome through the Children Developmental Centre in order to support the care of the children and help them become better people in the society. The company made a financial donation to sponsor the upgrade and renovation of the multisensory, classrooms and other facilities at the Centre as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.

The company also participated in the recently held parent summit, where it was ably represented by Marketing Manager, Mr Friday Enaholo. Mr Enaholo used the opportunity to address parents on healthy living and how to take special care of their children to ensure they lead a healthy lifestyle.

Autistic and Down Syndrom children are special children that can achieve remarkable feats if given a little more support, love, and attention. This is why Fidson Healthcare Plc has continued to take the initiative of encouraging them to achieve what a normal child would achieve, and even more.

The Centre’s Director of Service Ms. Ebelle Oputa expressed profound appreciation to Fidson Healthcare Plc on behalf of the management and Children. She said Fidson has been a pillar of support for the Children, especially as the Centre continues to rely on the company’s unwavering moral and financial commitments, which go a long way to cater for various aspects of the children’s development.

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