According to the Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria suffers the world’s greatest malaria burden, with approximately 51 million cases and 207,000 deaths reported annually. That is approximately 30% of the total malaria burden in Africa. In case you do not know, 97% of the total population, approximately 173 million people are at risk of malaria infection.

In line with our corporate slogan, ”we value life” we join the world Health Organization and other health and corporate bodies in the fight against malaria. This we have done over the years by educating and sensitizing the public on the dangers of malaria and its prevention.

This year we are running a social media campaign to further sensitize the public on the dangers of malaria and how to prevent it. In order to make it more exciting and to further drive home the message, we have created this simple and participatory contest.

  • To Participate:
  • Make a video (not more than 30-seconds) saying “END MALARIA FOR GOOD” in your native language.
  • Upload the video on your social media page (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • Use the hashtags #Arthemed #EndMalariaForGood
  • Make sure you follow any of our social media pages (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • Tag us and 5 of your friends.
  • The top 15 most liked videos will win a #5,000 shopping voucher.