In a bid to further add value to the healthcare landscape in Nigeria and Africa, Fidson Healthcare Plc (Fidson), a foremost Nigerian pharmaceutical company and Jiangsu Aidea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Aidea Pharma), an innovative pharmaceutical company in China on Monday, November 13, 2023, officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Yangzhou, China. The agreement aims to promote and address medical challenges through the use of innovative drugs especially in the treatment of over 1.9 million HIV-infected people in Nigeria.
The two companies agreed to share and combine their respective resources,
technical expertise and positions in the market to collaborate on project
development, market expansion, and other aspects by integrating their
competitive advantages in the pharmaceutical field. Both companies will engage in multi-level and multi-form cooperation, including but not limited to
product manufacturing, promotions and sales, and clinical research, involving
existing products and pipeline projects.
At the signing ceremony, Dr. Heliang Fu, Chairman of Aidea Pharma, stated,
“This collaboration marks an important step for Aidea Pharma in its commitment to global medical cooperation. By integrating our expertise and
experience in the field of innovative drugs, we are confident in bringing
greater well-being to African patients.” Dr. Fidelis A. Ayebae, Managing
Director and CEO of Fidson said, “We are eagerly looking forward to this
collaboration and we believe that the complementary strengths of both parties
will inject new vitality into the medical field in Africa. This is also in line with
our commitment “To provide better and more accessible medicines for the
people of Africa.”
The collaboration holds promise as a significant growth driver for both
companies, particularly as a major factor in the development of local
pharmaceutical manufacturing in Nigeria. It will also improve the healthcare and medical practice on the continent. It is expected to be a sterling example of in-depth cooperation in the medical field between China and Nigeria.

L-R: Dr Fidelis Ayebae, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Fidson Healthcare Plc.; Dr. Heliang Fu, Chairman of Aidea Pharma on Monday, November 13, 2023, in Yangzhou, China.

L-R: Dr. Heliang Fu, Chairman of Aidea PharmaDr Fidelis Ayebae, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Fidson Healthcare Plc. on Monday, November 13, 2023, at the Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony in Yangzhou, China.