Neofidrol – The effective and reliable after-shave and acne solution!

Neofidrol – The effective and reliable after-shave and acne solution!

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What bothers you the most? Acne breakouts on your face, pimples or after-shave bumps on  your chin?  

For many people, skin irritations like acne and facial bumps do not only affect their appearance,  but it also affects their mental health. According to the American Academy of Dermatology  Association (AAD), these skin conditions can take a toll on people’s emotional health. In fact, researchers have published several studies showing that people with acne may suffer  from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor self-image, decreased quality of life, and a feeling of loneliness. Don’t you think we should give more attention to skin care? I bet you think  so.

Of course, a quick browse over the internet will reveal several recommendations for your skin  care. However, it is expedient to note that appropriate use of anti-infectives can go a long way  to give lasting remedy for any skin condition.

For example, we have been told that exfoliating your skin before shaving can remove dead skin  and help prevent ingrown hairs. It’s true. However, this alone does not totally guarantee that  your face will be smooth as other issues may occur such as clogged pores – that may lead to  acne. If you have acne already, using the right products is important so that your skin feels  comfortable while shaving.

I have some good news.

In line with its commitment to add value to lives, Fidson Healthcare Plc has taken the initiative to help improve your facial appearance through the introduction of quality and affordable anti infectives. Let me introduce you to one of Fidson’s new anti-infective products.


NeoFidrol Acne Lotion is an anti-infective and anti-inflammatory lotion used to manage allergic  skin conditions such as acne, pimples, shaving bumps, etc. It is a high-quality solution that will  help you achieve a smooth skin . It is your, reliable after-shave and acne solution which is safe  for long term use.

For the best outcomes, Neofidrol Acne Lotion should be applied sparingly to the affected areas. It’s advisable to apply after careful cleansing of the affected skin to minimize the possibility of an  infection. The frequency of application should be once or twice daily initially. Within a short

period, you will notice remarkable changes and may reduce the application to every other day. Yes, the results may vary from person to person, depending on their skin’s susceptibility to the  drying effect of the lotion. However, the lotion is guaranteed to work for any skin type.

Neo-Fidrol comes in a 25ml bottle containing an antibiotic (Neomycin) and an anti allergic/anti-inflammatory agent (Methylprednisolone) to keep the skin clean, healthy, and  flawless. It also has an antiperspirant which helps to reduce sweating in the applied area(s) of  the skin. 

I shouldn’t forget to mention that there are other anti-infectives introduced by Fidson including  Ciprotab Eye and Ear drops, Levoc IV and Doxycycline, which would need a doctor’s prescription  to purchase. You may visit to know more about these products.

Stay committed to a clean and healthy skin, use Neofidrol Acne Lotion.

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