EMAL® is a 3rd generation, synthetic derivative of Artemisinin. It is a rapid acting blood shcizonticidal antimalarial agent indicated for the clinical cure of multi drug resistant P.failciparum malaria and severe (including cerebral) malaria in a 3-day regimen. brand of Fluoxetine, a selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitor used in the management of major depressive episodes of varied etiologies. It is a pleasantly flavoured, alcohol-free paediatric suspension.


  • EMAL® is presented as a pack of three 2ml ampoules each containing 150mg/2ml of alpha-beta arteether and a pack of three 1ml ampoules each containing 75mg alpha-beta arteether


  • Neurotoxicity is the common side effect with all artemisinin components in high doses.