“My entire home is always a mess. Wish you saw what Jackson’s room looked like yesterday! His clothes, books and toys were littered all over the place. I wouldn’t have wished for anything more after having a long day at work than to walk into a tidy home, take a good shower, eat and hit my bed, straightaway.”

Like most working mums, Ella keeps lamenting about her plight as a working mother; the stress of having to combine homecare and maintaining optimal performance at work. She can be described as a woman with many sides. She is a woman, a cook, a cleaner, a teacher, an entertainer, a motivator and a helpmate.

Put it all together, she is a mother.

Like every other mother, she is great at multitasking. Though her life seems busy and packed up, her story is not farfetched from the ordinary.

She would wake up as early as 4:00am, first to prepare breakfast for the children and her husband, so they could take to school and work respectively. Then, she rushes to do two or more chores before bathing the kids and preparing them for school. Amid these, she is also getting ready for work, simultaneously.

By 6:30am, she is on the road. She would drive through the crazy traffic gridlock of the morning rush hour, drop the kids at school and get to the office, ready to roll with her long to-do list for the day.

As a Client Service Manager in a top advertising agency, she runs up and down the various floors of the office to ensure her client’s brief is perfectly interpreted and all aspects of it delivered in good time. From Creative designs to Copy lines, to campaign planning and so on. Sometimes, while still at work, she would flashback on the kids, and try to remember if she put the right meal in the right lunch box or if she added extra diaper in her youngest child’s bag. She may even go as far as contacting their teachers to know how well they are faring in school. All these just to make sure everything is in order.

Back home, she would resume her second duty as a mother and a wife. This routine burns Ella out every day and sometimes deep into the night when she thought she could heave a sigh of relief; she may still be required to take care of her husband’s special need. You know what that means, right?

As a working mother, building a professional career and a family simultaneously is a herculean task. But because most women want to fulfill their dreams of being good wives and mothers, as well as an upwardly mobile career women, they are left with no choice than to deal with balancing both ends for as long as it takes. It is like swimming the deep blue sea. To be able to succeed, you must be a #SuperWoman. The big question is; what does it take to be a #SuperWoman? What does it take to swim the deep blue sea?

At the very least, you sure need a life jacket!

Simply being at your best, both physically and emotionally, will help you become even better for your family and job. To maintain the kind of stamina required to keep up with both, it’s important to care for yourself the same way you care for your family and career.

Get regular exercise, plenty of sleep and healthy foods. These will help you release tension and lower levels of stress hormones. Eating a healthy diet will stabilize your blood sugar level and help keep your mood swing at bay.

However, due to the amount of processed food available to us today, it is difficult to get all essential nutrients from the foods we eat in order to achieve the nutritional balance required for the body to function properly. It then becomes necessary to achieve this nutritional balance by regularly taking a very good multivitamin and mineral supplement like Astymin.

Astymin is an effective solution to help working mothers fight stress and stay healthy and happy. It is a unique combination of essential amino acids and multivitamins with nutrients specially formulated to improve energy metabolism, accelerate physical and mental alertness, improves the immune system and foster quick recovery from illness.

You are more physically and mentally energized, stress-free and have a healthier disposition to get things done on time for family and work when you take Astymin regularly. In addition, your skin glows brighter than ever and you feel renewed every day.

So, let Astymin empower you to be that SUPERWOMAN, and much more!

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