Fidson Strengthens Support for Children’s Welfare and Scholarship

As part of the recent celebration of Children’s Day across the country, Fidson Healthcare Plc has called on for supports of groups and corporate organisations to less privileged children in the society. The pharmaceutical company is also clamouring for organisations to join in promoting the global campaign against undue stigmatisation and negligence of children with special peculiarity such as Autism and Down Syndrome, by advocating better access to educational and medical supports, creation of more opportunities and choices, as well as empowering them to express their own views and make their own decisions.

The Down Syndrome International (DSI) in a recent report observed that People with Down syndrome face many challenges as children and adults, which may prevent them from enjoying their basic human rights. DSI noted that many people often fail to understand that people with Down syndrome are people first, who may require additional support, but should be recognised by society on an equal basis with others, without discrimination on the basis of disability.

This has therefore motivated Fidson Healthcare Plc to call for proper care, attention and psychosocial assistance to people with Down syndrome, while reiterating its commitment to continue to support this cause through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership with Children Development Center (CDC), a Lagos-based facility for children and young adults with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Just recently, the company, through its Corporate Services Manager, Mr Oladimeji Oduyebo, made a financial donation to the Center, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. The company had for several years supported the Center by financing its infrastructural upgrade and extending its hands of love in several other ways, especially to these children who require some affection and care, to be able to harness their hidden potentials.

Explaining the rationale of Fidson’s Support, Corporate Services Manager, Mr Oduyebo, said these children are normal children that can achieve some amazing feat if given a little more support, love and attention. “This is why Fidson Healthcare Plc has continued to take the initiative of encouraging them to achieve what a normal child would achieve, and even more”.

Also at a separate event, the company through its Head of Human Resource Department, Mrs Adejoke Alli also made a financial donation to the Children Emergency Relief Foundation (CERF) to support their education and welfare.

While making the presentation, Mrs Alli said Fidson’s contribution to the care, educational development and general welfare of these children is in line with the company’s commitment to adding value to the lives of Nigerians, as expressed in its corporate slogan “we value lives”.

She however urged other organisations and well-meaning Nigerians to take a cue from Fidson’s gesture and also play their part in building a brighter future and a better society for these children.