Your Personality connects your Opportunities

Your Personality connects your Opportunities

Opportunity: A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something ;

subtle and almost vague as this may sound, unknown to many have cost them the worst regrets and pain of their life time.

The worst thing in life is to not know what you want to become; once you don’t, every path might seem like a path to tow. People who make mistakes recurrently are likely unsure what they really want to achieve, so instead of making wise and notable adjustments, every action remains a trial for notable results and fulfillment; and at the end of every ladder you realize it was leaning against the wrong structure.

I know 60 year-old(s) who still go for soft skill trainings or take on a master’s programme just in case through the acquisition of a skill or certification they might find meaning and a form of expression in life by which peace becomes guaranteed. What they forget to note however, is that in life, there is a time for everything; a time to sow and a time reap; a time to learn and a time to give back to life; a time to work and a time to retire.

Personality: Individual behavior patterns, cognition and emotion.

A lack of an understanding of who we are would disallow the notice of opportunities that would make us BECOME. Opportunities are noticed because at their emergence, in any form at all, their potentials or usefulness is realized. By your personalities, you can connect opportunities.

“Know thyself”; by this you will know what Jobs, Businesses, Friends, Wife, Husband, Lifestyle, and so on – you can take on.

So what is critical? Do not live the next minute without taking the time to think deeply about who you really are and what you have come to deliver in life; every man in life has a part to play, we are a part of the whole; our contributions to life make us known; we are rewarded only when greatness is shown.

“No one is ever celebrated for being passive or an imitator but stars are known at the delivery of their DIFFERENCE”.

What you realize as your inhibitions, fantasies, desires or inspirations are likely the potentials for your contributions to the world; you must understand them as they would determine the opportunities you’ll find useful. Take advantage of every opportunity you realize in your path to becoming who you have discovered in the search of yourself. SHINE.

-By Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark

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