4 Ways to boost and enjoy your sex drive

FOUR WAYS TO BOOST AND ENJOY YOUR SEX DRIVE Do you find yourself often too busy, exhausted, or even distracted from sex when you get home to your spouse? Does it feel like you are no longer in charge of your sex drive? If your answer is YES, then there is something not working right. […]

Work, Career, Money are important … FAMILY is everything

Nnenne Johnson arrived home late from work one evening and sneaked quietly into her daughter’s room to give her a goodnight kiss, only to find her wide awake. “Hey mum, you’re back!” her 12-year-old daughter said. “It started at school today and I didnt know what to do,” she continued. Nnenne gave her a surprising […]

Unclean water isn’t just dirty; it’s deadly!

Water is a fundamental human need. Each person on earth requires at least 20 to 50 litres of clean, safe water a day for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean. Water is a free gift of nature, it is more valuable than oil and more precious than gold. Yet, according to World Health Organization […]

How to care for an indwelling urinary tract infection

A few weeks after Minnie last treated herself for Malaria, she started feeling feverish ‘running temperature’, vomiting and having painful muscle aches. She became terribly ill as though the symptoms she had before taking the anti-malarial didn’t go away. So she visited a hospital to see the doctor. During examination, she explained to the doctor […]

Cut down for a healthier future

Some people get derailed by sweet cravings but for some others like Owolabi, it’s the salty junk foods like crunchy chips, bread, cheese and big slices of pizza with pepperoni and mushroom that throw them off the “Paleo train”. There are a lot of processed food across the world that are very high in salt […]

Diabetes is DEADLY: Act today to change tomorrow

Nothing is more powerful than learning from the story of a woman who is walking through the path of diabetes. This story shared by Nene Mensa shows the importance of early detection, accurate diagnosis, diabetes education, and natural lifestyle treatments. It’s been over thirteen years since Nene was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. “Sadly, it […]

Health Minister Lauds Fidson on New Factory, Reaffirms Support for Local Manufacturing

The Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, last Friday commended Fidson Healthcare Plc for its newly constructed multi-billion naira state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and reaffirmed federal government’s support for local pharmaceutical manufacturing, saying with the new facility, the company deserves the support and patronage from government and other stakeholders. The Minister who spoke to journalists during […]

Saving Lives Through Local Drug Production

Having access to adequate healthcare is a major challenge in Nigeria as nearly two-thirds of the populace lives below the poverty line. Jonathan Eze examines the feat of FIDSON Pharmaceutical in bridging the gap with affordable and quality drugs The need for increased capacity in local drug production has been well recognised and it cannot […]

Fidson Healthcare’s Organic Expansion Into New Products Delivers Earnings Growth

Fidson Healthcare Plc’s organic expansion into new products category has delivered sustainable earnings growth for the company. The drug maker continues to utilize the resources of its owners in generating higher profit while contemporaneously maximizing the value of shareholders. For the year ended December 2017, Fidson’s net margins increased to 7.54 percent from 4.13 percent […]

PSN Commends Fidson Healthcare on Local Drug Manufacturing, Ultra-Modern Facility

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) has commended Fidson Healthcare on giant strides the company is making in local manufacturing of essential medicines. President PSN, Ahmed Ibrahim Yakasai, who led a powerful team of some National Executive Council (NEC) members of the Society to a familiarization visit of reportedly the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in […]